Let Us Fly Away Into the Azure Sky.

It is pleasant to meet you and let us all fall into the abyss of endlessness.

How much?

Would it be hard for someone to steal your heart?
I would say yes because I’m usually really private and guarded when it comes to my heart and feelings. However, I have met a certain someone who stoled my heart :).

When was the first time you drove a car?
When I was 16. My dad was teaching me and my older brother :).

Do you ever want to fall in love?
I am in love :).

Do you sometimes speak in funny accents for fun?
Haha not really because I am horrible at accents :/. But I do like to speak in other languages just for fun :).

Be honest: Are you clingy?
I’m not going to lie; I am clingy. Not so clingy to the point where my partner is suffocating though. Just clingy enough to show that I care and love him.

How do you take compliments?
I take them pretty well and casually. It’s not a burst to my ego or anything, but they are always nice depending on what the person is complimenting me about :).

Do you have an easy time falling asleep?
Sometimes if I am not thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow and not imagining anything haha.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever woken up?
I have never done that before and hope not too! I would freak out haha.

Would you rather someone be straightforward with you or sugarcoat things?
Straight forward always because I am a pretty straightforward person myself. I cant take lies or dishonesty.

Are you a crier?
Haha yes! I can be really emotional :).

In your sleep do you snore/talk/laugh/cry/walk?
I can’t be certain but I know for sure I don’t snore or walk.

Have you ever gone out in public in your pajamas?
Yes. Who hasn’t?!

Do you live in the moment or think of the outcome?
A little bit of both. Probably leaning more towards thinking of the outcome though.

What is something stupid you’ve done?
A few things here and there, but nothing too crazy or effecting. Just little minors things that I can look past :).

Have you ever had Bronchitis?

Do you like to wear makeup?
Yes - depending if I just want to look nice or if it’s for an occasion, but I usually don’t. Takes too much time!

Do you have a high tolerance for people?
Unfortunately I do! Especially to those who are rude, arrogant, controlling, egotistic and so full of themselves haha. You can say I have a lot of patience haha.

Stars, everywhere. So many stars that I could not for the life me
understand how the sky could contain them all yet be so black.

—Peter Watts, Blindsight (via quoted-books)